120x120cm - 3 Editions
110x110cm - 6 Editions


Printed on Archival Photo-Rag and float mounted within their frames


The beauty behind some of the world's most gorgeous images of woman are filled with intrigue and a deeper sense of how women have been viewed throughout the mid 20th century.

Beautiful women captures the sensitivity of Hack's creations, inspired by artists, cultures and filmmakers views of woman from the past.


Birds feature within the artworks, either painted or nursed in the muse's hands, a symbol of freedom not yet experienced for her subject.  Hack's subjects do not blend into the background as in previous collections, instead they are drawn forward and into the polished focus of their beauty.


The Housewife - 2013

Inspired by the American Housewife depicted in many films in the 50's.  Her facade is polished and beautiful but there is a hidden sadness to her posture and a yearning for a life of freedom and happiness.


 The Oriental - 2013
Inspired by Vladimir Tretchikoff's 'Green Lady', Hacks subject is strong and proud, bearing a posture of strength and commitment.  Again the birds are referenced as a part of the culture as well as symbols of a yearning for freedom.


 The African - 2013

Inspired by the colourful tribes of strong, powerful women, Hack plays with the juxtaposition of soft natural background pared with the bright designs and colourful jewellery worn by various tribes women through Africa.


 The Geisha - 2013

The Young Geisha was a classic symbol of Japanese women throughout the mid 20th century, this is realised now to only be a small part of this culture entrenched in tradition.


 The American Indian - 2013

The Navaho is the most known American Indian, made famous by Pocahontas, the strength within the posture pared with the Bald Eagle added to the powerful imagery.


 The Redhead - 2013

Australian Redhead matches were made famous with the fun, flirty 'Redhead' imagery so iconic in our history.  Emma's Redhead continues her spirit of fresh fun, interacting with her background.