Art Images Gallery, South Australia.

I created a piece of art as guests watched for the completion of my exhibition.



Barbara Weir - Canvas In Concert.
Westminster College invited me to collaborate with indigenous artist, Barbara Weir on an artwork in which she painted a canvas and I blended an indigenous model and photographed her against the artwork on stage throughout the course of the evening as part of their 'Canvas in Concert'. The image was then auctioned to raise funds for the Wetlands.



Design Ex - Signature Prints invited me to recreate Japanese Floral from iconic wallpaper designer, Florence Broadhurst at Design EX in Sydney Harbour. The design took me 7 hrs to create.



Make Me A Supermodel. Chanel 7 Melbourne.

A body art installation was chosen as a challenge for the participants of Make Me a Supermodel.

I created a cyber / environmental dance piece.

MAC artists assisted me in applying the design to all 12 contestants.



Mont Blanc Beijing

Mont Blanc launched their new watch line with a huge party for 4000 guests, including local celebrity music and film identities. I was asked to design and apply body art to match the inner workings of the gorgeous watches.



Premiere Vision. Paris France.

The world's largest and most prestigious fabric fair, Premiere Vision, invited me to create 2 days of installation body art, blending my model Bec into a different design on each day in Paris.

These are progress images of the artworks, which were created 'live' as guests watched. The link below also has images from both days.



Waterhouse Cocktail Party.

South Australian Museum. My model was presented to guests as the new 'artifact' at the museum.








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