Years ahead of her time, the complex, eccentric and talented Florence Broadhurst was born in rural Queensland, Australia in 1899. By the time of her death in 1977 Broadhurst had lived and worked in Australia, Asia, and England; performed professionally on stage; been befriended by royalty; exhibited her paintings; and started an internationally successful wallpaper company whose success was based upon her own designs.

A multi-talented legend, Broadhurst expressed herself creatively through multiple mediums, platforms and continents around the world. After winning a singing competition in 1915, Broadhurst started performing in various towns and cities in Queensland. By the early 1920s, she was performing in India, South-East Asia and China. In 1926, Broadhurst founded a modern academy of arts in Shanghai, known as the Broadhurst Academy, offering tuition in violin, pianoforte, voice production, modern ballroom dancing, classical dancing, musical culture and journalism. Never one to settle, Broadhurst moved to London and reinvented herself as Madame Pellier, running a dress salon on Bond Street in 1933.

After spending more than a decade in the United Kingdom, Broadhurst returned to Australia and settled in Sydney where she started painting enthusiastically and prolifically. Transforming her creative talent into a business opportunity, she started a revolutionary wallpaper business in 1959, creating hundreds of unique and luxurious patterns with rich and vibrant colours all perfectly matching her flamboyant personality. By the mid 1930s, her company monopolised the Australian market and started exporting to America, Peru, Paris, the Middle East and Norway. She continued to work actively until her death in 1977 at the age of 78. Revolutionary in its times, Broadhurst's hand-printed creations are "vigorous designs for modern living"; they are now regarded as keepsakes and collectors' items.

Signature Prints is the proud custodian of some of the world's finest design libraries, of which the most famous is Florence Broadhurst. Bases in Sydney, Australia, the company specialises in the design, print and manufacturing of premium textiles, wallpaper, limited edition art and luxury luggage.

Signature Prints takes pride on uniting traditional screen-printing techniques and contemporary colour, to create a range of products that are sold to a global distribution chain.  Owned by husband and wife team David and Helen Lennie, Signature Prints has evolved from a cottage industry niche business to a leading international textile company.  Signature Prints is best known for its extraordinary Florence Broadhurst design library in which they own the exclusive world-wide commercial licence to this iconic library.
At Signature Prints, the standard of excellence is maintained at all times and conformed to the benchmark established by Florence Broadhurst – continuing to hand-print high-end, customised wallpapers, fabrics and limited edition art for the 21st century.  The amazing Florence Broadhurst was a pioneering woman who lived life to the full.  Born in rural Queensland in Australia in 1899,  the flamboyant and outrageous Broadhurst constantly reinvented herself and travelled extensively.  Growing up near the tropics, she was surrounded by dazzling light and bright, vivid colours.  This is reflected in her designs, which also show a strong leaning towards those of an Oriental or classic English nature.  Whatever her inspiration, it was transformed into a creation that was 100% Florence Broadhurst.


Florence Broadhurst wallpapers, fabrics, limited edition art and lifestyle accessories continue to be used in the most high profile installations across the globe.  The spectacular Exotic Birds print featured heavily in the 2007 renovation of popular nightspot Madame Jojos and the classic Broadhurst  designs Peacock Feathers and Spotted Floral feature in the recently completed Donald Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.  Amanda Masters Design has selected Florence Broadhurst wallpapers repeatedly for the fit out of the Soho House LA for Oscar Week and most recently, Laucala Island, Fiji, opened an exclusive six star resort which combines Florence Broadhurst luxury fabrics with private  beaches, lagoons and luxury accommodation.